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What is the Best Health Program?

I don't believe in waiting for avoidable disaster to strike before taking action, especially when it comes to health.

Preventative health care, although not the norm in our culture, makes perfect sense to me.

We are living longer and longer these days, with many more people in their nineties or over one hundred years old! Learning how to take the best care of our bodies and minds is vitally important.

We are all also exposed daily to hundreds of toxins - in our air, our water, our food, our clothing, furniture, in our cleaning products, cosmetics, x-rays, and more. This puts a burden on our bodies and takes a tremendous toll. Allergies, autism, arthritis, Alzheimer's, autoimmune disease and chronic disease in general, are all on the rise, at alarming rates.

So, even if we haven't any health issues or disease at the moment, it is a bold and wise move to take in the bigger picture - to care enough about our own health and well-being, and that of our family, that we take steps now - steps that will ensure we achieve our optimal level of health, and learn to maintain it.

Perhaps you're not "ill", but you don't feel up to par? You're having troublesome digestive issues, you don't sleep well, you have food sensitivities, your skin is really itchy, scent gives you a headache, you have asthma or seasonal allergies, you're gaining a lot of unwanted weight, or you just feel heavy and sluggish, you don't have much energy, your concentration and memory are not what they used to be, your moods are all over the place, or you feel anxious or depressed for no apparent reason.

These are all signs that you may need some help. I encourage you to not wait until something more serious develops. Listen to your body's signals now.

The great news is, you can learn to build your health so that you feel energised, clear-headed, positive, vital, and balanced!

What you will get out of the Best Health Program

I want you to understand how you got to your current level of health and how we can best work together to ensure that you get back to optimal health. That is why I focus on the learning - you are much more likely to carry through with dietary and lifestyle tweaks if you know why I'm making recommendations.

How the Best Health Program works

  • Initial 2 hour assessment - extensive intake including health history, family history, symptom list, and a diet, lifestyle, and eating habit assessment.

  • Personalised Program development - once we have completed the assessment, I can create a custom-made plan of action which includes supportive handouts for your main health concern, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic supplement recommendations, and some recipes. 

  • Implementing the Program - we meet again and I present this information to you. This normally takes about 2 hours.

  • Follow-up - this allows us to see how you are progressing and to make any necessary changes. You can do 1 session of 1 hour, or 2 sessions of half an hour each, whichever and whenever you choose.                                                         There is no time limit to this program - you can go at whatever pace suits you!        

While others are dreaming of it, you can get it done...

        Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for an opportunity to discuss your health issues and goals, in addition to any questions you might have.

If you have already done this and know you wish to book with me, please email or call to book an appointment.

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