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Holistic Weight Management or "Ditch the Dieting"

As a holistic nutritionist, I'm eager to avoid an over-emphasis on body weight in my work with clients. Unless a client is suffering ill health, mentally or physically, or is in danger of developing health problems as a result of his or her weight, I focus on health, rather than on weight. Weight loss by means of continual dieting attempts and rigorous exercise regimens should not be the main goal of someone who is seeking to live a healthier life.

My concern is that you feel good about yourself, no matter what your size, and that you achieve the vitality and level of well-being that you dream of having. 

Just some of the benefits of a Holistic Weight Management Program:

  • Learn what foods, lifestyle habits, and ways of thinking are sabotaging your health goals

  • Value the pleasure of eating wholesome, naturally delicious foods

  • Learn to cook healthy meals from scratch

  • Honour your internal cues of hunger and fullness, rather than counting calories or grams of fat

  • Learn to listen to how you feel after you eat

  • Support digestion by eating in a calm atmosphere, and never on the go

  • Find the energy and joy in moving your body 

  • Value the many health benefits of becoming more physically active

  • Foster a positive self-image and accept the natural diversity of body shapes and sizes

No "one size fits all" in my programs. 

This is why I offer 1-1 coaching or group coaching, always.

I also do a comprehensive health evaluation with you. This is important, especially if you've recently gained weight or have symptoms of medical problems. Your weight gain might be a sign of thyroid issues, for example.

What's included in the Holistic Weight Management Program:

  • Guides and Worksheets - carefully thought out, to ensure your success                                                                                                                            - topics include: Getting Started with Real Foods, Understanding Macronutrients,                                                                                            Kitchen Clean Out, How to Determine Proper Portion Size, How to Curb                                                                                Carb Cravings, Grocery Shopping Made Easy,  Eating on the Go, & more!       

  • Meal Plans - tailored to men and women's different energy needs                                                                                                                - Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian plans                                                                                                                                            - 3 different weeks, plus a comprehensive grocery list for each week                                                               

  • Recipe eBook - all the recipes included in the meal plans, with handy substitution lists                                                                                   - Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian option  

  • Initial Assessment, plus two follow-up appointments                           

How long is the program?

The program is 6 weeks long. It is designed to educate you and hold you accountable as you work to transform your dietary and lifestyle habits into ones that will support lasting, health-enhancing change.

It only takes three weeks to change a habit! By the end of the Holistic Weight Management program, you will have the tools you need, as well as the experience and confidence to put them into action.

Are you ready to Ditch the Dieting and get started?

Book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for an opportunity to discuss your health issues and goals, in addition to any questions you might have.

If you have already done this and know you wish to book, please email or call to book an appointment.

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