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Whole Foods are Delicious! Cooking Classes

I am passionate about cooking delicious, nutritious meals, from scratch, and I have enjoyed the challenge of adapting my own cooking over the years to reflect my family's changing needs. Both my son and daughter are great cooks - I made sure they had experience from a tender age, and they learned about healthy eating by example.

I am experienced with many different diets and styles, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten/dairy/sugar-free, anti-inflammatory, FODMAPs, low-glycemic, and more, and I've been a caterer and pop-up restaurant cook for years.

I'm also a teacher who loves sharing what I value with others, passing on skills that bring you joy & good health. 

Young Man Cooking


Choose a menu/theme, I'll send you the grocery list, and you bring the food, 2 hrs. Take food home to enjoy.


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Family Cooking


Have fun learning to cook whole foods as a family! Same principle, up to 6 members, 2-3 hours


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Eating a Meal


Same principle, with dining afterwards! 3-4 hours

Up to 8 people

from $120

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Want to learn to cook quick meals or meals for a budget?

Do you need ideas and tips on how to cook gluten/dairy/or sugar free?

Think it would be fun to learn to cook healthy meals as a family, or an invaluable skill for your teenager to learn before she/he leaves home?

Do you just want a fun activity with friends that will also extend your cooking repertoire? There are so many possibilities - let your imagination go!

Here's how it works:

  • Choose your plan from the above

  • Contact me and book

  • Discuss your menu/theme during booking

  • The complete shopping list will be sent to you via email

  • You do the shopping and bring the food with you when you arrive for the class

  • I will guide you in prepping the food, cooking it, and, depending on what plan you've chosen, you will                sit down to enjoy it - bring your own bottle!

  • Copies of all the recipes will be available for you to take home                                                                                                     

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