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What is the Mind & Body Reset programme?

The Mind & Body Reset program is a transformational 12 week program that delivers a robust and effective protocol. It combines the most up-to-date nutrition and health information with personalised one-to-one coaching, enabling you to bring about lasting change and benefit to your health and well-being.

In the Mind & Body Reset program, I will guide you through the fundamentals of optimal health, using guides, worksheets, videos, meal plans, recipes, and more, to create the most effective means of achieving long-term success in your health goals.

Is the Mind & Body Reset programme for you?

This programme is designed for you if you:

  • have tried many other protocols, but haven't had the results you were hoping for

  • Feel that the root cause of your health issue is never addressed by practitioners you've seen

  • Want a practitioner that will explain WHY a particular recommendation is made

  • Are lost in a sea of supplements and no longer know what you should be taking

  • Feel motivated to start making changes to your health but don't know where to start

What is included in the programme?

  • Initial 2 hour assessment - extensive intake including health and family history, symptom list, and a diet, lifestyle, and eating habit assessment

  • Personalised programme development - once we have completed the intake appointment, I can create a custom-made plan of action which includes supportive handouts for your main health concern, dietary & lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic foods and nutraceutical recommendations

  • Implementing the program or Protocol Delivery - we meet again and I present this information to you, making sure that you understand everything. This normally takes about 2 hours

  • Follow-ups - this allows us to see how you are progressing and to make any necessary changes. You have 3 hours total, which can be booked in half hour, 45 minute, or hour-long sessions.

There's no time like the present...

Book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for an opportunity to discuss your health issues and goals, in addition to any questions you might have.

If you have already done this and know you wish to book with me, please email or call to book an appointment.

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