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My Story

What my clients are saying:
"My autoimmune disease, PMR, left me in a lot of pain. Prednisone helped, but the side effects of this drug are terrible. With Faith directing me in making important changes to my food choices (foods that increase inflammation and foods that help reduce it) and recommending the right supplements, I have been able too wean myself slowly down on the drug. The recipes she sent me were great too. I also like that she called every week to see how I was doing.I am doing remarkably better now, after just two months. I own my own hair salon and work everyday and the pain was so bad that I could barely get out of bed - now, I feel great.  It is amazing to me that what you eat can really make such a difference to how you feel !! I highly recommend having a consultation with Faith if you have any concerns about improving your health - she will direct you in the right direction."
                                                                     - Donna, Carleton Place, ON
"I started to see Faith to get help with my diet. I had put on extra weight, felt crappy all the time, and knew I had food sensitivities.  Faith is extremely knowledgeable, completely non-judgemental, caring and very easy to open up to. I had fun learning how to make good food that was easy to prepare.  But the biggest thing for me was how much better I was feeling.  I definitely had some ‘ah ha” moments when Faith guided me through the effects certain foods have on us.  I also felt I had made a friend.
I would absolutely recommend Faith Hutton to anyone.  It’s very obvious she loves what she is doing, sincerely cares about the people she is helping, and has taken and continues to take the time to gain the knowledge she needs to help you."                           - Lisa, Perth, ON
"I really recommend the 12 week Mind & Body Reset Program. Faith takes time to do a really extensive intake, and from that she determines the exact protocol that is right for you. I decided to do an elimination diet, to see what foods might be contributing to my health issues. While it was difficult eliminating certain foods, I really learned so much about how food effects how my body and mind feel. Faith is so easy to talk to, so I could really delve deeply into my issues. Overall, it has been a very educational journey and I feel much better for it!"                      - Judy, Perth, ON

"After suffering a heart attack at the age of 59, believing myself to be in excellent health, my cardiologist recommended that I see a nutritionist as part of my recovery protocol and I was referred to Faith.

After following her recommended protocol for several months, my heart specialist said I had not only recovered heart health, but that my heart was in better shape than before the heart attack!  In combination with a healthy diet and good exercise, I attribute this amazing recovery in great part to the protocol Faith gave me. A year later, I am still on this protocol and I continue to feel healthy and well."

Jamie, Perth, ON

"I knew Faith for many years when she lived in the UK, and know that she has diligently studied nutrition over the years, as well as having been an amazing cook!
When I was diagnosed with diverticular disease, and suffering with it over a long period of time, I sought our her services. In a very short time, Faith got back to me with a concise and easy regime to follow, which in a very few days gradually reduced the pain and discomfort to nil. After almost a week of doing what she suggested, my insides seem to have healed up - all the pains have gone, and my energy has increased a lot.  It is only early days (6!) and I intend to continue with this diet and supplements for some time to come. Faith has given me the confidence to have more of a feel of what is beneficial and what is harmful for my system, and I somehow have found the strength to pursue her expert advice, as it makes me feel so much better than I have in years!"

Liz, Bristol, UK

My personal journey in health started when I began suffering debilitating migraines at the tender age of ten. The doctors didn't know how to treat me,  so I was on a cocktail of potent, addictive painkillers throughout my adolescence. I also had very painful episodes of gas on a regular basis, a mysterious maddeningly itchy rash on the soles of my feet, extremely painful periods, dreadful PMS, and an unfortunate bout of hepatitis A. 

As I approached middle age, symptoms began to multiply. I developed gallstones and a severe gallbladder infection, had repeated bladder and urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and a brush with cervical cancer.

Next, osteoarthritis set in in my neck and hands. As a harpist, this was a disaster. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't bend my fingers at all.

At this time, even a glass of water caused painful gas, I had regular bouts of acid reflux, didn't sleep well, felt anxious most of the time, and if I ate sugar, dairy, or wheat, I had such outrageous bloating that I looked 8 or 9 months pregnant within minutes. I was so alarmed and embarrassed by this that I stopped eating out. 

Throughout my adult life, I have always been health-conscious, reading up on the latest findings, and eating a plant-based diet. About five years ago, a friend was diagnosed with a life-threatening auto-immune disease. She decided to do an elimination diet, in order to try to avoid radiation therapy. I did it too, as an act of solidarity, but also because I was concerned about developing an auto-immune condition myself. Well, it worked, for both of us!

Within two years, my friend was off all her medication and she has never felt or looked better. Her consultant was impressed, and so was I.

I too experienced a revolution. What I learned, in even the first four days of the elimination diet, changed my relationship with food forever. I'm not kidding - it was as though a great weight was lifted from my mind and my body and I remember thinking, "Wow, we really ARE what we eat".

My arthritis pain and swelling were gone and have never returned, no more gas or bloating, acid reflux or heartburn, weight just fell off me (weight I had not been able to shift since I turned fifty, not matter what I did) until I was my natural body weight again, I no longer had hot flashes, I slept better, and, most noticeable of all, I felt so incredibly positive and light in myself!

It's important to say that I did get help at this time, as I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know what food and nutraceuticals I needed to be having in order to help boost my immune system, heal my gut, treat Candida, and support my liver through detoxification. A guide through this wonderful but daunting transformation was and is invaluable.

Now, I know what I can and can't eat in order be well, and I take supplements to ensure, especially as I age, that I maintain optimal health. I am determined to remain an independent, active person until the day I die, and I know that the choices I make now will have great bearing on whether or not that is my reality.

I am passionate and determined to help as many people as possible to achieve optimum wellness in their lives, as I have, particularly through diet. 

I'm happy that you took the time to check in with me. If you'd like to get in touch or book a free "Discovery Session" to see how I might be able to help you, I'd be delighted.  One conversation could change your life forever!

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