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Prices & Quantities

What's included in the price?

  • A phone consultation or email to determine your dietary needs and your menu choices

  • The time it takes me to purchase the ingredients - the cost of these is additional, and I will provide grocery receipts before you pay

  • The time it takes me to cook, package, and deliver your ready-made meals

When, and how, do I make payment?

  • I accept payment by e-transfer, bank transfer, cash, or cheque

  • Payment is due after you order, when I have produced grocery receipts, and before I begin cooking

What quantities can I order?

  • Portions are designed as a Main, Side, or Dessert size for one adult person

  • Main Meal Packages are priced for either 16, 20, or 30 portions

  • Side Dishes & Desserts are priced for either 4, 6, or 8 portions

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my order?

That's not a problem - as long as you do so before the agreed cooking date, you won't be charged.

Package Pricing:

  • Main Dishes:  4 choices, made up into 16 portions (4 of each) £160                                                                5 choices, made up into 20 portions (4 of each) £200                                                                6 choices, made up into 30 portions (5 of each) £300

  • Side Dishes & Desserts:  4 portions of one choice £20                                                                                                     6 portions of one choice £30                                                                                                       8 portions of one choice £40  

Can I order weekly if I want fresh food or don't have enough freezer space?

Absolutely! I recommend that meals kept in the fridge are consumed within 4 days, although dressings will last up to two weeks.

If you would like regular, on-going orders, I highly recommend that you book in advance, as I can get very busy!

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