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Science-based, Holistic Nutrition, with the personal touch - because good health is so much more than just the absence of disease.

Are you peri-menopausal OR menopausal?
Suffering a range of uncomfortable, or downright debilitating symptoms?
Looking for natural, risk-free ways to not only experience relief but to thrive, in a matter of just 12 short weeks? 

My new programme

is designed especially for YOU!


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Welcome to Faith's Nutrition

I'm Faith Hutton and I'm a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practioner, registered with the Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition. I'm your guide and advocate for achieving and maintaining optimum health, naturally. That means I teach you the whys and hows of a healthy diet and lifestyle, so that you can develop a clear understanding of your main concerns and how you will achieve your health goals. 

Holistic Nutrition is both a preventative measure and a means to improve existing health issues you may be suffering with. While conventional medical treatment often involves drug treatment to suppress symptoms (and to deal with subsequent side effects of the initial drugs), a more holistic approach searches for the underlying root causes of ill-health - especially taking into account that the fact that poor nutrition and lifestyle habits can be a major contributor to a wide range of health issues - and seeks to help you regain your health with supportive, effective, natural means.

Whether you are struggling with a digestive issue, emotional issues, nutritional imbalance, food allergies and sensitivities, hormone imbalance, weight loss, skin problems, mood disorders, or difficulty sleeping, I am committed to helping you find the root cause.

Many health issues can be improved with tweaks to your diet, and with my knowledge and expertise, we can find the mindset, diet and lifestyle changes that are just right for you. 

Healthy eating is more than just good sense. Scientific research shows that it can correct imbalances and deficiencies in the body, preventing or addressing physical and emotional problems that can lead to health issues and disease.

More and more, we're finding that diet plays a massive part in whether or not we are well, now and into our old age.

But, let's be honest, even when you know this, it can be hard to know where to start - there is such an abundance of conflicting information available out there.

And adopting specific habits that will create lasting change in your health, and transformation in your life, can be difficult to sustain without support, when our eating habits and emotional triggers are so ingrained, when the food industry has hijacked our taste buds, and when the information we get keeps changing. 

That's where I come in. As a trained professional, I'm here to listen with care to your particular story and your unique goals, to educate you, guide you and support you as you invest in the most important thing of all - your health! 

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